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What are the foreign exchange timelines?

Our foreign exchange (FX) schedules tell you everything you need to know to make your conversion on time. As long as you create your conversion before the given cutoff time, the conversions will settle on the same day. With regards to funding the conversion, you have 40 minutes beyond the cutoff time for Major currencies and 60 minutes for all other currencies.

When using the table below, the cutoff time of the currency with the higher rank applies. For example, if you want to buy Australian Dollars (AUD) with UK Sterling (GBP). Australian Dollars (AUD) has a cutoff time of 13:00, while UK Sterling (GBP) has a cutoff time of 14:20. Since AUD has a higher rank in this table, the cutoff for converting on the same day will be 13:00. If you miss the cutoff time, the conversion will settle on the next business day.

Our trading time begins on Sunday 17:02 ET and closes Friday 17:00 ET*. In addition, we have a 90 second daily downtime from 17:00 ET.

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