Opening an account

No, our accounts are for all traders who want to make international payments. Providing you’re based in one of our supported jurisdictions, you can open an account with us.

To open a Silverbird account, you’ll need to send us valid identity documents for all ultimate beneficial owners, directors, or legal representatives of your company.

To open a Silverbird account you’ll need to send us any of valid identity documents that mentioned in article.

Currently, we only serve customers involved in the international trade of physical goods.

We’re unable to accept payments from certain restricted countries due to government regulations.

We need this information to help us spot any unusual activity in your account and protect your money.

Applying for an account takes 10 minutes or less. After you send your application, it will take us up to 5 business days to conduct our due diligence and fully activate your account.

Silverbird’s platform is designed for SMEs making regular high-value international payments, tailored explicitly for distributors, manufacturers, and logistic operators.

We are tailored explicitly for distributors, manufacturers, and logistic operators who make high-value transfers on a regular basis.

The entire list of documents can be found inside the article.

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