We don't believe in charging you upfront before we build a relationship. With our straightforward pricing schedule you only pay for what you use.
Monthly fees
Onboarding fees
Deposit requirements
Simple, Fair Pricing
Our payment fees are inclusive of ongoing transaction monitoring, compliance screening, and access to specialised customer care.
Incoming payments
Outgoing payments
(€9.95 minimum fee*)
(€19.95 minimum fee*)
Let’s break down your fees
*Individual fee schedules may differ and depending on your profile, supply chain as well as payment geographies and currencies. Ultimately, we only charge you for the amount of work we need to do to keep your payments fast and smooth.
No two businesses are the same. Reach out to discuss your individually designed pricing that reflects your unique business model and payment flows.
Individually tailored fees
Features built around you and your business
What you get
It's never been easier or faster to send and receive payments from your clients in the UK, US or Europe.
Local bank details
Hold, send & receive money in >30 different currencies - all in one place. EUR, USD GBP, CHF & many more.
Multi-currency account
High-value, cross-border transfers are not without complexity. We're here to make it easy for you - 24/7.
Compliance support
Sign-up takes just a few minutes - not weeks. Everything is done online.
Easy setup
Everyday safeguards like real-time monitoring and multi-factor authentication help keep your account secure and fight fraud.
World-class security
We support over 100 jurisdictions, empowering businesses everywhere to expand into new markets beyond their borders.
Global coverage