A Brief History of Free Global Trade

by Silverbird

Since human beings emerged from the slime of everything, we have searched far and wide in search of goods and services that we couldn’t grow, make or do ourselves.
In short,
we traded
From the Minoans
to the Romans
to the Silk Road merchants
to the British Empire
When trade is both
civilisation flourishes.
Ideas and innovations are spread. Revolutions destroy old orders. Technologies develop and disrupt communities. Cultures melt, reform, and rise again.
Free trade requires peace between nations. As such, it has always been enforced by great empires, from the Mongols to the United States of America.
The Internet provides the only alternative—free and global trade without borders, tariffs, police states, or empires.

In this free eBook, we’ll be exploring the history of international trade, starting with the Minoans of Bronze Age Crete.

Part I
The Bronze Age
From the Minoans to the Greeks
Part II
The Classical World and the Dark Ages
Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Radhanites and Vikings
Part III
The Medieval Ages
The Crusades, the Rediscovery of Aristotle, Return of the Silk Road
Part IV
The Early Modern Period
Humanism, Exploration, The New World, Reformation, Mercantilism
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Be first to know when the next parts come up!