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About us

At Silverbird, we’re passionate about transforming the way SMEs trade globally. This is our story.

Our vision

Imagine a future where banking is inclusive and on the side of customers. Where cross-border payments are instant, limitless and anyone from anywhere can participate. This is the world we’re building at Silverbird.

We’re determined to help merchants grow their businesses by removing the barriers to entry that traditional banking have put in their way, including sky-high transfer fees. These blocks are not only unfair but unnecessary.

Silverbird vision
Silverbird purpose

Our purpose

Silverbird began in 2020 as the smarter, digital alternative to traditional banking, and our core belief hasn’t changed. SMEs deserve an equal right to participate in the global economy, no matter their size or location.

By making payments borderless, limitless and affordable, we deliver the most fundamental ingredient of trade: freedom.

Our culture

Learning about different cultures, countries and languages is hardwired into Silverbird’s DNA. We call this being globally empathetic.

We believe every person has a story, and we listen to them. We go the extra mile to better understand our customers, to learn about ourselves, our colleagues and the world we live in.

Silverbird culture
Max Faldin, Silverbird Founder

Our story

In 2015, I was trying to streamline cross-border fulfilment for Chinese merchants during the e-commerce boom in Asia. I did well in all parts of the fulfilment process except one – payments.

Back then, international B2B payments were largely unsolved due to high fees, unfair rejections, and outdated regulations.

My frustration at this broken system is what led me to found Silverbird, so that SME’s anywhere can trade freely on the global market.“ - Max Faldin, Silverbird Founder.

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