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How to Get Proof of Address in the UK

How to Get Proof of Address in the UK

Opening a bank account in the UK has never been easier thanks to the digital transformation of the banking industry.

If you want to open a bank account in the UK, however, you need to be prepared to prove your identity and address. This means that you’ll need a valid photo ID, such as a passport, and another document that proves where you live. This is a standard Know Your Customer (KYC) banking practice that helps to ensure accounts cannot be opened for criminal purposes, such as money laundering.

Getting proof of address in the UK is easier said than done for some people, especially those who have just arrived in the country and don’t have anything registered in their name yet. If you’re trying to get proof of address in the UK so you can open a UK bank account, continue reading: we’re going to tell you how.

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What is Proof of Address?

Proof of address is a document or piece of information that verifies and confirms your residential address. It’s typically required by banks and other institutions for identification, verification, and legal purposes. Proof of address is used to establish the place you receive your mail and therefore live. Specific requirements for proof of address may vary depending on the institution requesting the documentation and where it’s located.

Why Do Banks Need Proof of Address?

As financial institutions, banks are required to comply with strict measures to ensure that criminals and fraudsters aren’t opening accounts to use for illegal activities.

UK banks, therefore, require confirmation of their customers' identities and residence status in order to comply with certain laws and regulations. This means that they ask their new customers to prove who they are before enabling them to open a bank account.

This process is very similar across most banking institutions and involves the customer providing a valid photo ID and a proof of address document from a list of specified options.

Different banks may ask for different types of documentation for verifying a person’s address. Usually, one or two proof of address documents will also be required for verifying a customer’s residential address.

Do All UK Banks Need Proof of Address?

All financial institutions in the UK, which includes all banks, require their customers to have a valid proof of address document before allowing them to open an account. This includes everything from small start-up banks to large banking institutions like Barclays, HBSC, and Lloyds.

You can find out more information about proof of address for these major high-street banks by following the links below:

What Documents Can Be Used as Proof of Address?

Each UK bank has its own list of documents that it accepts as proof of address. They will also differ in how they accept the documentation — some accept copies whereas others want originals. A printed copy of a utility bill, for example, might be acceptable proof of address for one bank whereas another might want an original copy from the utility provider.

It’s also important to keep in mind that different proof of address documents have different expiration times. In many cases, a utility bill can be used as proof of address for up to 12 months of its issue date whereas a bank or credit card statement will typically only be valid if it’s dated within the last 3 months.

Most UK banks will accept the following as valid proof of address:

  • A UK driving license (note: you cannot use this as a photo ID and proof of address).
  • A recent utility bill (e.g., gas, water, electricity).
  • A recent council tax bill.
  • A recent bank statement or credit card bill.
  • A valid tenancy agreement.

How to Get Proof of Address When New to the UK

The easiest way to get proof of address in the UK is to open an account with a utility provider and register for council tax with your local authority.

If you have just arrived in the UK and want to open a bank account, you may face some difficulties as you might not have any of these documents and it could be some time before you’re able to acquire one.

Some UK banks do allow for alternative proof of address for individuals who are unable to provide any of the conventional documents, including:

  • A letter from your employer confirming your address.
  • A letter referring you from an existing customer of the bank.
  • A letter from your university or college if you’re a student.

It’s always a good idea to contact your chosen bank to confirm exactly what you need as proof of address in the UK. The majority of banks advise customers to do this if they’re unable to provide address documents as there may be other ways the bank can enable you to open an account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Use as Proof of Address?

While bank requirements vary, valid proof of address typically comes in the form of a dated letter from a local authority, another bank or credit card provider, or a utility provider. In some cases, letters from employers or educational institutions can also be used.

Is a Passport Proof of Address?

No, a passport does not state your address and therefore cannot be used as proof of address.

Is a Driver’s License Proof of Address

Yes, a valid UK driver’s license can be used as proof of address. Keep in mind that you cannot use your UK driver’s license for the purposes of both photo ID and proof of address — it’s one or the other.

Is a Utility Bill Proof of Address?

Yes, all UK banks accept a utility bill as proof of address. Most banks will accept a utility bill that’s dated in the last 12 months, but you should check a bank’s specific requirements before applying for an account.

Do Any Banks Not Require Proof of Address?

No, all UK banks require customers to prove their address. This is because banks are governed by strict regulations and they can be subject to large fines if they don’t carry out adequate checks on new customers.

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