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Friendly supportive compliance

Simplify your compliance with Silverbird and make it business-centric

Never let compliance stop you again

With our redesigned business-centric compliance you will grow your business without stumbling. Say goodbye to ignorant and suspicious traditional banking providers. It's all about business now.

Payments yesterday

  • Most banks insist on visiting a branch when you implement a change or introduce a new person.
  • International payments can be blocked due to the'suspicious nature of the transactions".
  • Banks ask for piles of paperwork if and when irregular transactions take place.

Business with Silverbird

  • Silverbird employs an electronic document exchange and provides an 100% digital service.
  • Silverbird processes payments instantly and simplifies the compliance process for you.
  • Silverbird doesn't ask dull questions. We are not a bank, but a financial technology company. We make an effort to understand your business.

Our KYC technology

  • User friendly KYC that you will love
  • Automatic documents check in seconds
  • Liveness check to make sure you're a human

1 - Place your face in the frame and look straight in the camera 
2 - Place your ID card in the frame 
3 - Turn your ID around

Borderless payments for global business

Get the multi-currency account built for quick and easy international payments, with no limits.

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