Make fast payments in 24 currencies with low fees and competitive exchange rates
Easy and fast international
Receive money on your local European account
Transfer money globaly with our compliance support
Enjoy competetive and trasparent exchange rates
Manage your payments seamlessly across 24 currencies
Wholesale trade, professional services or logistics
Small, large or growing
Offshore, onshore or remote
Get an alternative to traditional bank account. Invoice like a local, use multi-currency IBANs to send and receive high-value business payments
Sign-up for our digital banking service to trade without borders. We support high-value cross-border transactions.
Open a global business account online, make fast and super-easy international trasfers
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Silverbird works for everyone
Forms, stacks of accounting papers, appostiled copies of directors' passports to be delivered for the branch - Silverbird ends all that with its electronic document exchange
100% paperless
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Silverbird will launch to the world this spring once we've put the finishing touches. Sign up for the private beta access now, and we'll email you an invitation in the coming weeks.
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