Built for import and export.

And (much) better than a bank.

Built for import and export.

And (much) better than a bank.

Banks fail global merchants at every turn

Silverbird is not a bank. But we are a financial institution with a mission to empower international SMEs.

When you send money to someone, you want it to arrive within minutes, not the next week

Silverbird – an instant solution

In 98.9% of cases, transactions through Silverbird are instant and frictionless. In the rest 1.1%, it takes just a couple of days.


jurisdictions worldwide


currency pairs

If you’re a small guy like me, they just don’t care

Silverbird cares, truly

The reason? We are a team of experts in international trade, not bureaucrats. Forget AI, chatbots, and "please hold". With Silverbird, merchants get a dedicated account manager, who is always just a tap away.




It’s nonsense to have a separate bank account in each country I do business with

One global bank account

And a powerful one, indeed. Enjoy high-value transactions in 200 countries, 30+ currencies, and 100% online.

Traditional banks don’t understand the complicated business structure of a business like mine

We work with every industry, even

At Silverbird, we take pride in saying YES to over 98% of international trade applicants. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to welcome many more customers compared to traditional banks / PSPs, while keeping security & compliance to the highest industry standards.


Product packaging




Consumer electronics

Construction materials



Equipment and machinery


Consumer electronics

500+ merchants worldwide choose Silverbird

But don't take our word for it. Here's what some of our clients say about working through Silverbird.

I really believe in what you do. Your company is an alternative to all the "annoying" banks that I worked with. And the thing that you are always there for me, makes me even happier.

Charles from Alecar Trading

I am delighted with Silverbird. The feedback as you became established was excellent as was theassistance. I can highly recommended Silverbird to all wanting a fresh approach to banking.

William from Amity Enterprises

Regarding the SilverBird platform - so far, the payments are performed in a fast and convenient way. The customer service answers quickly with a pragmatical attitude toward resolving the issues.

Relating the experience for outgoing payment, I was excited. The payment went out with highspeed and was credited to the recipient very quickly. That was good.

Silverbird changes lives for hundreds of merchants worldwide

Here's what some of these merchants have to say.

Borderless payments for global business

Get the multi-currency account built for quick and easy international payments, with no limits.