Delivering free trade to international merchants

Silverbird serves thousands of exporting businesses around the world by giving them access to easy payments, low FOREX fees, and much more.

100% online onboarding

  • "We had to hire a dedicated person each time we needed to send a large transaction abroad because of all the documents we needed to collect. That person would go to a bank and file the documents on the company's behalf.

    With Silverbird, all that is gone. Works like magic!"
    Huong Thao
    CFO of Thai Food Limited, China
  • "You mean, this is pure B2B cross-national transaction and it's 100% online?! I didn't even know such thing existed!"
    Igor Lyapin
    Founder of Maveon Toys, Ukraine

Faster than traditional banks

  • "Cheaper and faster than a traditional bank. Excellent service, excellent conditions, excellent employees who are ready to help at any moment in any question that arises. Highly recommend to each and everyone in the industry and beyond."
    Adeagbo Akintilo
    CEO of Agro Media Limited, Nigeria
  • "Silverbird works. Traditional banks don't."
    Mr. Duong
    CEO of Chi Export Group Limited, Vietnam
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Low FOREX fees and instant payments

  • "Silverbird exceeded all expectations. I've seen them launch and was on their waiting list long before they went live! The responsiveness, low FOREX fees, and support from their team is second to none."
    Sadra de Merk
    Spancape Limited, South Africa
  • "Silverbird gives me and my partner equal control over our account. I have also said goodbye to high FOREX fees."
    Theo Etta
    CEO of Omega Cocoa Limited, Nigeria

Open to merchants around the world

  • "Barclays and HSBC refused to open an account for my business from Turkey. With Silverbird, it took me two days to get a bank account and I didn't even leave my apartment! I don't understand why anyone would need to use a traditional bank ever again."
    Ezra Mevsim
    Saygil Plastik, Turkey
  • "Since my company is based outside UK, I needed a UK bank account to pay my suppliers in pounds and to transfer funds from UK to my local bank accounts. Silverbird is the best solution I have found. Very fast and pretty cheap compared to all other ones."
    Kujoe Okijoi
    Owusu Ghana Limited, Ghana

Customer spotlight

No matter where you're from, you deserve easy access to banking services. Silverbird has got you covered.
Abeo Abubakar is the CEO of Abubakar Exporting Group. His business exports cashew nuts and cocoa beans from Lagos, Nigeria to Europe, the US, and the United Kingdom.
Mr. Duong is the founder of Chi Export Group Limited. They export cashew, coffee star anise, cinnamon, and pepper from Vietnam to the Middle East.

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