Have clients involved in global trade? Offer them fast and reliable business accounts and get paid generously.

The Silverbird Partner Program

Give your clients the payment tools to grow abroad & earn up to $10,000 per referral

Give your clients the payment tools to grow abroad & earn uncapped referral fees

in a thriving partnership
Silverbird offers global business accounts and frictionless payments tailored to international SMEs involved in import & export. By joining the Partner Program, you can tap into a new revenue stream for your business, while providing the financial products your clients need to scale internationally.
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Pre-screen potential customers with us now!
Assess customer fit with our prescreening process
Boost the chances of successful referrals
Fill out the prescreen questionnaire to estimate how close your prospects match our risk appetite. We only need top-level info such as jurisdiction, business type, and estimated turnover.
Takes 3 mins to fill out.
Answer 10 simple questions.
Get more successful referrals.
We offer everything your clients need to manage their international payments. Together we can help them expand abroad, bringing even more business for you.
Deliver a superior payment experience to your customers
Our clients love what we do
With Silverbird, my global clients can get business account in 2 days and I can earn great rewards as well.
Peter Foster
Founder of Accounting company, Singapore
Founder of Incorporation company, UK
Ben Thompson
Silverbird is an excellent solution for all my international traders who are incorporating in the UK and I’m collecting substantial bonuses with the Partner Program.
Easy online onboarding within minutes
Local multi-currency accounts in the EU/UK/USA
Support for 100+ jurisdictions
Fast customer support from real people, not bots
Here are some of the features Silverbird offers:
Competitive transaction fees
Are we a good match?
The Silverbird Partner Program is perfect for…
Incorporation services
Account opening services
Accounting services
Logistics providers
Trade-finance companies
Import/export consultancies
...And all other providers serving customers who move goods across the globe.
When referring a customer with annual turnover $10m and risk score 80-90 the referring partner gets $7k: $1k after onboarding (upon the first full active month after the onboarding), $1k after first three active months of operations and $5k upon the completion of the first active year of operations.
Here’s how much you could be earning
Industry-leading commissions
Total bonus
Volume bonus
To be paid after fist year of operations, customer has annual turnover: $10m+
Onboarding bonus
To be paid once customer fully onboarded, customer has annual turnover $1m+
Review our Partner Agreement and register online in minutes. We’ll get in touch soon.
Verify customers are a good fit before referring them to ensure a smoother experience.
Introduce clients to Silverbird. You can even list our services as part of your offering.
Get paid once your referral opens an account & continue earning even after that.
How to become a Silverbird Partner?
Ready to go?
We team up with selected partners to develop joint products that provide great value and are tailored to the needs of our mutual customers.

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