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What are the features of my Silverbird account?

Your Silverbird account comes packed with powerful time-saving features, letting you focus less on banking and more on your business. Here is the list of features that we offer:

  • You can open an international business account online in minutes without any paperwork
  • You can send and receive payments in 20+ currencies
  • You will receive a local EU/UK sort code and account number
  • You will gain access to major payment rails such as SWIFT and SEPA
  • Your account will be monitored by AI-powered fraud-detection systems and protected against financial crime
  • You can export your statements to send to your accountant (available in PDF, with Excel support coming soon)
  • You can add multiple users to your account and set permissions depending on business roles
  • You can secure your account with 2-factor authentication for sign-in and transaction approval

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