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How do I get started with Silverbird?

Setting up an account is done entirely online through a fast and intuitive onboarding process — no need to visit a branch or send in paper documents at any stage.

We are using a four-step approach:

  1. We verify your basic information.
  2. Then we get to know more about your business. At this stage, we aim to understand the nature of your business, how you expect to transact, etc.
  3. We verify the identity of account users, directors & UBOs / shareholders.
  4. Finally, we’ll ask for certain business documents to be uploaded to verify the information provided.

You will have support available for any questions throughout the application.

Everything is done online and the process is pretty straightforward. You will fill in the online application (which should take around 45 min), then a member of our team will get in touch within a few business days to finalise the process and welcome you onboard.

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