Who can open a Silverbird account?
Silverbird is a banking solution designed for international trade. We are tailored explicitly for distributors, manufacturers, and logistic operators who make high-value transfers on a regular basis.

This means we're currently not able to onboard freelancers or the self-employed.

To open an account with us, your company must be active, hold a registration number in your respective jurisdiction. The applicant needs to be aged 18 or older and be an ultimate beneficial owner, a director, shareholder, or a legal representative of your company.

To open a Silverbird account you'll need to send us valid identity documents for all ultimate beneficial owners, directors, or legal representatives of your company including:

We need this information to help us tailor the account to your needs.

Applying for an account with Silverbird takes minutes, not months.

Silverbird is a banking solution designed for international trade.

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We will shortly be introducing live chat on our website and a telephone line to support with your questions.
Until then, get in touch with our support team by sending a message to help@silverbird.com
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